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Walkers are asked to wear comfortable footwear, hats (for sun), Coats or parkas (for normal Ontario weather), sunscreen etc.



Our tour will be conducted by way of the public sidewalks however we will be talking about lands and buildings which are privately owned.

     Please respect the owner’s privacy and stay on the sidewalk, or in our case sidewalk and boulevard.



Please also utilize discretion and

common sense when it comes to photographing private property, i.e. if the occupants are outside and enjoying their property, it would be best not to paparazzi them with camera flash.


     If you must take a picture, perhaps you can ask them politely if it would be ok. If it is not a good time for them, then don’t push it.



I do not want to be videotaped during these tours, nor recorded...please and thanks, it only makes it harder for me to stay focused, plus, with social media etc., and the internet, I do not want segments of my tour posted on social media. I will look after that part myself, thank you.



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BURFORD VILLAGE – (Current Tour) Block ‘B’

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The tour brochure may have “QR” codes for those of you who have the app’ on your mobile device. These can be utilized as a quick and easy way to view webpages that may contain further information regarding various buildings, sites or historical figures, from Burford’s past.



The information contained on this page represents the research findings and opinions of the author. The material on this page reflects the author’s best judgement in light of the information available at the time of compilation. Any use of this material made by a third party, or reliance on, or decisions made based on it is the responsibility of such third parties. The author accepts no responsibility for damages, if any, suffered by any third party as a result of decisions made or actions based on this work.








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