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The following is Copyright © 2020 by Clayton Barker, all rights reserved. These pages are the script/narration which I had prepared for my new video series, BURFORD – All Those Years Ago. To watch the videos, please follow the hotlinks below, either to my YouTube channel or to each individual video – Thanks!


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(A quote)

"The past actually happened, but history is only what someone wrote down."

A. Whitney Brown



Welcome to this little nook or cranny where I will stash a few bits of history about the geographic township of Burford, its people and places. Because I realize people do not generally want to sit and read lengthy textual pieces, I will try only to provide just a taste of each topic and an image. Where possible, I will include perhaps a link to either my website or some other page which can provide more info on the subject.



I am providing this page because I love to tell stories. Local history to some is a compilation of stories originating from and generated by the voices of past generations telling us what they remembered and how they remembered it. It is important to know that "the past actually happened but history is only what someone wrote down. “Yes, today we have a marvellous array of research tools and the entire world at the click of a finger, on the internet, but not always did people research things to this degree.



Sometimes, we think that whatever had been told to us or written by the old ones, a.k.a. our ancestors, was the absolute truth and nothing could ever change that. Some may argue that these are still the "facts." Yes, sometimes it is true that history never changes and some of what the old ones wrote or told is still relevant and perhaps as close to being the facts as we may ever get. However, our understanding of the past is constantly evolving - believe it or not.


       As we examine new information that has been discovered and researchers find further proof to either support or debunk the theories of the past, we are given new perspectives on those familiar historical events, places and people.


     History can also be a collective story too. It is nice to see that those old familiar tales are not just ignored or discarded as bunk, but respected, credited and properly referenced by modern-day researchers and authors. It is all part of the story.


     In presenting both the old tales and former beliefs alongside the newly discovered information, or new theories, the writer can say things like "or so the story goes," or "according to so and so." This gives the reader a chance to compare the old with the new and digest how the newer theories have evolved.


     It will come to pass that both the old and new theories will fall into the hands of yet another generation for further revision...


May 11th, 2020



Hello friends, thanks so much for the response to this new project of mine, the likes and comments are very much appreciated.


I realize that so far, a lot of the information pertains to either the early Township's evolution and the village of Burford (Claremont, Dickie's Corners), however, I will be posting more info on the various hamlets and ghost towns of the surrounding area, within the geographic township of Burford.


These include:

Bishopsgate (Bishop's Gate), Falkland (Wolverton's Mills), Etonia, Princeton, Gobles Corners, Muir (Trimble's Corners), Cathcart (Sydenham), Victoria (Rag Town), Salem, Tansley, Woodbury, Fairfield Plains, Harley (Derby), New Durham, Hatchley Station, Norwich Gore, Kelvin, Ranelagh, Scotland and more.


Please check back often.





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